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False reviews? Amazon Sues

Amazon filed legal papers last week against more than 1000 people who have allegedly posted "false, misleading and inauthentic" reviews of amazon products online. The action is at this stage targeting people who use fiverr.com, a labour marketplace where people offer to write reviews in exchange for cash. Normally, these people are paid to write and post negative reviews to boost sales of competing products, or to write positive reviews to boost product sales.

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Amazon Employees Complain of Horrendous Working Conditions – But are they against the law?

The New York Times has exposed a large volume of startling stories from past and present employees of Amazon. These stories include tales of 80-hour work weeks, working four days straight without sleep, routine crying from almost every member of staff, persistent monitoring with severe repercussions and a Darwinian model for hiring and firing.

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