Unfair Dismissal? – Indian Worker Fired for Taking 24 Years of Leave

Unfair Dismissal? – Indian Worker Fired for Taking 24 Years of Leave

An Indian public official has finally been fired after taking leave 24 years ago and never returning to work. The urban development ministry said that his place of work wat a notoriously work-shy beaurocracy.


A.K Verma, an assistant executive engineer joined India's central public works department in 1980 and went on leave in 1990 never to return. He defied orders to return to work after his additional requests for leave were denied.

An inquiry held in 1992 found that he was guilty of "wilful absence from duty" however it took an additional 22 years and the intervention of a cabinet minister to remove him from his post.

India's civil service have become widely known for late coming, excessively long lunches or spending parts of their working day on the golf course.

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