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Stephen has been involved in delivering online solutions for lawyers and those interested in the law since 2000. In 2006 Stephen (a former lawyer..) completed a masters degree in Information Technology at the University of Glasgow and shortly thereafter launched CaseCheck. From 2006 until 2013 CaseCheck provided lawyers, law students, barristers and those with an interest in the law access to a free, continually updated archive of case law from Scotland, England, Europe and beyond. In 2013 CaseCheck became a subscription service offering access for only £8 per month.

Unlock The Law, as Stephen explains, is completely different:

 "The law is often seen as challenging and potentially expensive area of life, somewhat removed from everyday experience. The fact is that law impacts on us all of the time and while not pitched as such, is in the news almost every day. Our aim with Unlock The Law is to cover topical stories and explain how they involve the law before providing our visitors with more in depth information on popular legal subjects to help them determine if they have a legal issue and if they need a solicitor to help them with it."