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How to Find the Best Family Lawyer in Liverpool

If you need a family lawyer in Liverpool to help you with issues such as divorce, separation, child contact, wills or Power of Attorney, you may not be sure where to start. Due to the highly personal nature of these matters, you may feel uncomfortable asking a friend or family member for a recommendation as you would with any other service.

This is where many people turn to the internet and a search for ‘divorce lawyers in Liverpool’ or ‘family lawyers in Liverpool’ is likely to return hundreds of options. For this reason, we have created this useful guide to help you identify what you are looking for in a family lawyer and how you can find the solicitor who is right for you.

Family Law Experts

Law firms come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from huge international firms to general high street firms and sole practitioners who specialise in one legal area. No matter which kind of firm you instruct, it is always advisable to choose a solicitor who has developed particular expertise in the legal service you need.

In family law cases this is of particular importance. In a divorce case, it is crucial to the have an experienced divorce lawyer on board to help you protect the assets you have worked hard for, such as your house, pension and savings.


An often overlooked aspect of choosing a family lawyer is location. You may prefer to select a lawyer who is located close to your home or place of work to make it easier to attend meetings or sign documents. You may prefer to instruct a solicitor based in Liverpool city centre as it is likely to have good public transport connections to stations such as Liverpool Lime Street Station. A solicitor located in a surrounding town or village may be less convenient to visit. Some lawyers are happy to hold meetings over Skype or by conference calling. This would make the location of the office less important and could save you the time and money involved in travelling to their office.


Many law firms will display reviews on their site. This can be an excellent way to get an indication if the firm is right for you. Most people find it reassuring to know they are instructing a lawyer who has been recommended. Look out for things like whether the firm keeps clients up to date with developments in their case.


Costs are crucial. You should find out whether the firm offers a fixed fee for their services or whether they charge an hourly rate. Many people are worried about the costs of legal fees, so it is crucial to be aware of the expenses from the outset.

Visit Family Lawyers Liverpool

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