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“I feel fine to drive“ – The approach that could cost you your licence

Imagine this scenario – you go to the pub after work and when there decide "just to have the one" knowing you will need to drive home. You then think it might be best to leave the car but reconsider saying to yourself "I feel fine " and get behind the wheel .
Or another, you are at home and have a glass of wine or two after a long week. You have no plans to drive until a text comes in asking you to pick up one of your family from the train station. You hesitate for a moment and then say "Actually I feel fine "and set off on your journey.

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Do speed limits apply to cyclists? The BBC's Jeremy Vine recently found out.

Radio 2 host Jeremy Vine was caught 'speeding' while cycling at 16mph on a cycle path that imposes a limit of 5mph - travelling more than three times as fast as is permitted on the cycle lane.

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