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Injured at the gym? You could make a personal injury claim

A New Year brings with it new resolutions and therefore a significanly increased number of people hitting the gym, aiming to improve their level of fitness and lose a few festive pounds.

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Who do I Claim Compensation from for my Road Traffic Accident?

While in many road traffic accidents it is clear who is liable for compensation, in a number of cases it's not. Who you claim compensation from for a road traffic accident injury will very much depend on the circumstances. In this post we look at the various parties who may be liable to pay you compensation should they cause you injury in a road traffic accident.

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If I crash because of a road defect, can I claim compensation for my injury?

We get a lot of questions here at Unlock the Law regarding different kinds of accidents. Sadly, road traffic accidents are common and are sometimes not the fault of any driver, but the road itself. In this circumstance, many people want to know who is to blame and who can a claim for compensation be brought against. Today at Unlock the Law we look at road traffic accidents caused by road defects.

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