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Finding the Best Family Lawyer in Aberdeen – Why Trust, Ratings & Reviews Matter

Finding the best family law solicitor in Aberdeen (or indeed elsewhere in Scotland, England or Wales) to advise and represent you can be a challenge.

Online searches provide details of multiple law firms all offering what seem like roughly the same services. Family law deals with difficult situations like divorce, child contact issues on separation or residence or prenuptial agreements so finding the right lawyer is crucial.


Finding the Top family law firm in Aberdeen based on reviews and ratings

So what should you look for to assist you in making a decision about which family lawyer to instruct? While our tips below apply mainly for finding a divorce solicitor in Aberdeen, they will be useful if you're looking for a solicitor with other specialisms in other cities.

The top 5 key things to consider are:

1. Family Law Specialism

Does the lawyer you will be speaking to and receiving advice from specialise in family law? Lawyers increasingly specialise and those working exclusively in family law are likely to represent your best choice for advice in that area. Check to see if the lawyer is an accredited specialist with relevant body (in Scotland, for instance, The Law Society of Scotland provides accrediation for family lawyers) and a member of professional bodies such as the Family Law Association

2. Reputation

Testimonials and reviews can help you make a good choice. Testimonials from existing or past clients will showcase the service provided by the lawyer. Online reviews can also help guide you and in particular you should focus on reviews that detail whether the lawyer provided a good service by, for example, keeping the client clearly advised about the progress of their case or by providing transparent information about fees or costs being incurred. If a solicitor is receiving largely positive reviews they should be considered.

3. Location

A city centre location is of importance to some as it brings easy transport links. However for many people the location of a solicitor`s office is of less importance in the internet age where email and online video conferencing through Skype or Google Hangouts are becoming more routinely used. Often an initial face to face meeting can help cement the relationship and thereafter much of the communication can take place through mail, phone or Video. This is really a matter of personal choice for you.

4. Approach (Inc. Family Law Mediation or Litigation)

Again this is a matter of personal choice. You may wish a solicitor who is direct in their approach and will “fight your corner “or you may prefer a family solicitor who is more conciliatory in their approach. Through experience family law solicitors are routinely very balanced in their approach and operate with high professional standards. You will be able to assess the general approach of the lawyer to your situation through your initial discussions and meetings. You'll also be able to determine whether they prefer a more litigious approach to resolving family law disputes or if they prefer family law mediation, all of which will also depend on the circumstances of your case.

5. Cost (inc Fixed Fee Family Law Representation)

Increasingly legal aid is restricted for family law cases, especially where assets such as a house are sold and each of the parties makes a financial recovery from the proceedings.  You should always ask about the feeing arrangements at the outset. Clear guidance should always be provided to you to ensure that you understand any likely costs.

Find the Best Family Law Solicitor in Aberdeen, Scotland

We hope that this information assists you in finding the best family law solicitor in the Aberdeen area for your needs. At Unlock the Law we recommend Family Law Aberdeen as our trusted partner.

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Monday, 20 November 2017