Saint Nick Gets Knicked - Will Santa get a Criminal Record After Glasgow Arrest?

Saint Nick Gets Knicked - Will Santa get a Criminal Record After Glasgow Arrest?

A man believed to be Santa was arrested and fined this week for climbing Glasgow's famous Wellington statue.

Santa was given a fixed penalty-ticket for his actions in Royal Exchange Square.


Santa was cheering and waving to passers by until firemen arrived to bring him down. After he was apprehended and put into the police van the crowds that had gathered began shouting "Free Santa!".

Spokeswoman for the police has stated that this is not the real Santa however, he has not been named otherwise by the police.

So, today at Unlock the Law we look at the effects of a fixed-penalty notice for Santa and why he has given it in the first place.

Why was Santa arrested for Spreading Christmas Cheer?

Santa was issued the £40 fixed penalty notice for breach of the peace, however we feel this is unfair as for breach of the peace to occur there needs to be 'fear and alarm' amongst those present. In this situation they were cheering for Santa to be freed.

Fortunately for Santa, when you are issued with a fixed penalty notice you are given 28 days to pay the fine – we imagine he is busy enough at the moment without having this to deal with. This will give him something to do in January once the Christmas rush is over.

Although, if Santa chooses to refuse to pay the fine he could opt to be put on trial for the offence, however we would imagine this would be highly in convenient given that he would have to journey over from Lapland.

What we are most concerned about however is whether his most recent arrest will result in him getting the sack. For the sake of Christmas, we hope Santa's Workshop believe in rehabilitation of offenders.

If you are really concerned about what could happen to Santa under the criminal justice system, or in terms of his employment, read our legal guides, subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter.

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