Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft all speak - Tech Companies Unite (For Once)

Apple, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Microsoft all speak - Tech Companies Unite (For Once)

Normally tech companies either buy each other or sue each other – so it is very rare for them all to unify and speak with a single voice. However, this is exactly what has happened - and it all relates to privacy.


In an open letter, the major players in the online world have called upon the US Senate to vote on and pass The Freedom Act which aims to curb and regulate Government surveillance of the online activities of the US population.

The full letter can be read here.

Why are tech companies concerned about privacy?

The move comes at a time when people are becoming increasingly concerned about the monitoring by Government of their online activities. The revelations by Edward Snowden, the US whistle-blower about the way in which Governments are using the internet to trawl for and capture information has brought the matter to public attention.

The alleged compliance of the tech giants in providing the US Government with information from personal accounts has caused many people to contemplate whether they should have such accounts – this is likely to have prompted the united front from all of the companies concerned. It will be interesting to see if the Senate listens to the plea and votes to regulate Government request for access to information held by the tech companies , or if the politicians consider "issues of national security " are of greater importance than individual privacy concerns.

We are about 90 per cent sure the US Government has no interest in monitoring which of our guides you read. But just in case, find out more about privacy law, the legislative process and social media by reading our free legal guides, following us on Twitter or subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Don't worry, we don't mind being under surveillance.

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