Settlement Agreements - All’s Well That Ends Well

Settlement Agreements - All’s Well That Ends Well

Are you not happy in your job? Do you fail to do your best because of a lack of passion for your role, or maybe you don't get along with some of the other employees. Or, perhaps you are an employer who is struggling to pay employees or some of their roles have become redundant.


The Scotsman today featured an article about the benefits of settlement agreements for both employers and employees. These are difficult times for all in terms of employment and a settlement agreement can offer a clean break for both parties. With a settlement agreements employers can terminate the employment contract without fear of an unfair dismissal claim. Furthermore, employees have the benefit of the contract being terminated with certain benefits such as a settlement figure and a positive reference.

We have created the complete guide to settlement agreements giving you the inside information to understand how the process will go, what kinds of things you should negotiate on and how long the process should take.

For more information, read our guide to settlement agreements.

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