Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Manic Monday – Online Purchase Rights Explained

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Manic Monday – Online Purchase Rights Explained

Black Friday and Manic Monday have historically sent millions of shoppers all over the world into a frenzy. Have I missed it? What will be on sale? What if I can’t decide on the day? What if something goes wrong? WHAT IF I NEED MORE TIME? However, here at Unlock the Law we let you know your rights in advance so you can buy with confidence – even if still with a little frenzy.

UK citizens are amongst the biggest online shoppers– and this year is inevitably going to produce record figures for the amount spent and the number of transactions carried out.

Black Friday is in fact a US import linked historically to the manic shopping that followed on from the Thanksgiving holiday – this year it falls on the 28th of November. This day is also anticipated as being the busiest online shopping day ever in the UK. Cyber Monday falls on the 1st of December and Manic Monday on the 8th – both days having being awarded the accolade of their own title again due to the spike in transactions that have been recorded on those days in recent years.

All the major online retailers such as Amazon, John Lewis and Apple will enter into the spirit of the season – and try to attract your money – by offering deals focused around these days. Hopefully this means everyone ends up happy – as long as everything goes well after the click has been made and the payment taken.


What if things go wrong?

At Unlock the Law we don’t like to think of things not working out but such is life – things can and do go wrong. Purchases often don’t live up to expectations and if that is the case what does that mean for you? Reputable online retailers have excellent returns policies and procedures but for those occasions where matters are not being resolved to your satisfaction it pays to know your rights. So to assist you we have created a guide to distance selling – a quick, informative way to learn the law in this area should you need it ….

Read our guide on distance selling here

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