Very often changes in the law occur without much fanfare but that certainly is not the case with the introduction of the new lower drink driving limits in Scotland. As the Festive season approaches and the party season looms most people will be considering the way that this law may now affect them. People have many questions and uncertainties about where they stand. On our site we have been producing different types of content to assist you – you can read our guide on the drink driving law in Scotland, our blog updates and share our infographic to remind friends and family that big changes with significant consequences for us all are here.

We have started a new podcast series called The Inside Track. The best way to get advice on a legal topic is to discuss it with someone who knows that area of law inside out – usually a solicitor. This sometimes isn't easy to do, so we have done it for you.

We spoke with Ross Yuill, a solicitor with significant experience in advising people facing drink driving charges. In the discussion we cover topics such as:

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