As of midnight tonight the drink driving limits in Scotland are significantly reduced – and motorists driving tomorrow morning will need to consider more than ever whether any alcohol they have consumed the night before will cause them any difficulty in terms of their fitness to drive. Offences the “ morning after “ or “day after” – where people often drive thinking they are fit to drive only to find that a breath test says otherwise – are likely to be the main source of increased drink driving prosecutions . Great care should be taken by all people considering driving after taking alcohol, even if they have slept for a number of hours overnight.

We have created an infographic to reinforce the “morning after ““next day “issues that should be at the forefront of drivers` minds tomorrow morning and from here on.

Infographic: Remember The Morning After - New Lower Drink Drive Limits in Scotland


Please share this with friends and family – and also read our practical guide on Drink Diving in Scotland.