Council Tax Debt - What You Need to Know

Council Tax Debt - What You Need to Know

Problems with council tax debts have continued to rise over the last few years. The Citizens Advice Bureau have stated, with the number of cases handled by the them relating to council tax increasing by 21% over the last year, to 193,000.


Council tax arrears are the single largest debt issue dealt with by the charity in England for two years, and the issue is also highly prominent in Wales.

The increase in council tax arrears has correspond with the abolition of council tax benefit in April 2013. Seven in 10 of the charity's clients who were behind with council tax payments had at least one other debt problem too, were more likely than the average Citizens Advice client to receive housing benefit and also were more likely to be struggling with household bills including fuel debts, water bills and rent arrears.

Council Tax & Debt Help Guides

We have produced a guide to paying your council tax, applying for council tax discounts and what to do if you cant pay.

We have also created a guide to debt and the law to make sure you know your rights and responsibilities when dealing with debt.


Council Tax - Complete UK Guide
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