Cosmetic Product Claims: The Make-Up Advice You Can’t Get From Zoella…

Cosmetic Product Claims: The Make-Up Advice You Can’t Get From Zoella…

Video blogger and You Tube star Zoella became the fastest selling author ever, achieving the highest first-week sales for a debut book since recording of such things began.


Zoella sold more than JK Rowling, Dan Brown or EL James did with their first books in their debut week.

This great success was accompanied by a backlash of criticism from Zoella haters after the discovery her book was in fact ghost written and not written by Zoella, real name Zoe Suggs, herself.

Poor old Zoe is not new to criticism however, after regularly being attacked by journalists, bloggers, parents and pretty much every other genre of person for being unqualified to give advice to teenagers and only giving make up advice when in fact she should be telling them to read books or teaching them maths or history....

We thought we would stand in solidarity with the blogger and talk about make-up too. So, today we ask the question: What happens if I suffer an injury from using faulty cosmetic products?

What is a cosmetic product liability claim?

Any product that is made to be enjoyed and used by consumers must be safe. If a customer is injured by the product, and this was not caused by misuse of the product, that person may be able to claim for compensation.

The Consumer Protection Act 1987 makes clear that the consumer is legally entitled to make a claim for compensation against the manufacturers or retailer that is responsible for the product.

There are thousands of successful claims for compensation made every year for things such as:

  • Skin damage caused by contaminated skin care of make-up products
  • Burns from faulty hairdryers and straighteners
  • Eye infections caused by contaminated products
  • Broken bones from faulty gym equipment
  • Skin irritation caused by toxic dyes in clothing

How do I make a claim if I have been injured?

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a defective product, there is a very good chance you will be able to claim compensation for your injury.

To make a claim, you must bring your claim within three years of the injury occurring – you should also keep the receipt or proof of purchase if possible.

You should also keep any medical records or expenses incurred as a result of your injury – this will help build a case for compensation.

As product liability claims can be quite complex, you should contact a solicitor with experience in making cosmetic product liability claims.

We also have a complete guide to making a personal injury claim on our site in the personal injury section – they even have video blogs with them too.

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