A teacher from Ardrossan Academy in Ayrshire has been struck off for repeatedly making inappropriate comments to pupils.


Michael Rankin, was formerly youth coach with Greenock Morton before taking up his post as a technology teacher at the school. He was struck off for making a string of lewd comments to pupils that amounted to a course of inappropriate conduct.

Furthermore, papers filed with the GTC showed that Mr Rankin had even taken to targeting specific pupils. It was explained by one pupil that he had been calling another pupil “fatty” (quite a lot, it was added). He even wrote “fatty” on a mirror the pupil had made to show the rest of the class, (and presumably the pupil whenever he looked in the aforementioned mirror) that he was “fatty”.

After his hearing with General Teaching Council for Scotland he was proved to have repeatedly used inappropriate language towards pupils as young as 13 during his time at the school.

The panel also made the decision not to allow Mr Rankin to apply to be re-registered as a teacher due to the serious nature of the conduct.

The GTC accepted evidence from pupils about the sexualised and upsetting comments from their teacher before reaching their decision. The council said:

"The various statements, although referring to different elements of this paragraph, were accepted as establishing a pattern of conduct."

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If you have concerns about the conduct of a teacher, consult the GTC website for more information. Or for free employment law advice see our guide here.

If you have concerns about the misfortune of Mr Rankin, you probably shouldn't register to be a teacher.