Lewis Nedas Law Announces Co-operation with Leading Frankfurt Law Practice, Edificia

The following is a guest contribution from Lewis Nedas Law.

London Law firm Lewis Nedas Law have announced an agreed business co-operation with leading Frankfurt boutique law practice, Edificia Rechtsanwälte.

Specialist commercial and litigation partner Ian Coupland and Bertrand Prell of EDIFICIA have already enjoyed a long and successful professional relationship and hope this co-operation will offer a unique service to clients who are involved in transactions crossing both territories.

Providing Cross-Border Legal Services in Europe

The Fleet Street based Lewis Nedas Law are not strangers to the concept of cross-jurisdictional legal services; with consultant solicitor Giovanni Lombardo practising both in England and in Italy, offering a range of legal services across both jurisdictions, and in particular, providing guidance for UK companies seeking to set up in Italy. Help is also at hand for those involved in dealings in Russia, where Lewis Nedas Law have connections with an extensive network of Russian law firms. Both firms are now able offer full legal services to companies and individuals with interests in both the UK and Germany.

Edificia’s focus is primarily commercial, which will mean the new co-operation will be most welcome news to businesses dealing across both territories, particularly in light of the recent uncertainty brought by the Brexit referendum. 

Providing Legal Advice in a Post-Brexit Europe

Businesses and individuals from both countries performing cross-jurisdictional transactions will be assured that, following whatever kind of break the UK decides to make, they will have legal expertise from both jurisdictions providing guidance every step of the way. A range of complex legal problems have arisen in light of the Brexit vote, and how these are going to be resolved remains to be seen. Take, for example, the regulations we have in place to deal with the conflict of laws in contract: where these are now taken care of by EU regulation, it is uncertain how the UK will deal with these as the Brexit plans are rolled out. In a time of uncertainty and change, collaboration and co-operation is key to any business success, and it looks like this firm will blazing a trail for many others to follow.

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