Injured at the gym? You could make a personal injury claim

Injured at the gym? You could make a personal injury claim

A New Year brings with it new resolutions and therefore a significanly increased number of people hitting the gym, aiming to improve their level of fitness and lose a few festive pounds.

With longer opening hours, lower prices and greater capacities, joining a gym is easier than ever before and coupled with a New Year, there's really no excuse not to get in shape. However, with people keen to see results straight away, a quick trip to the gym can have lasting consequences ... 


Many people are injured as they have no idea how to use certain pieces of equipment, or they have had a slip, trip or fall on a wet or dangerous surface. Regardless, the last thing you want to do is suffer a serious injury when trying to get into shape so are you entitled to make a personal injury claim if you have an accident at the gym?

When Could I Make a Personal Injury Claim Following a Gym Accident?

Gym operators may be liable to their members, depending on the circumstances in which any injuries took place. Legal action can be taken if the owner of the gym was found to be negligent to those that were injured or failed in their duty of care.

An owner may not be required to give training on how to use equipment but they are required to warn users of dangers that may exist from using such facilities. To be entitled to make a personal injury claim it must be proved that the injury was a result of negligence or a failure in duty of care. There is a duty owed by the proprietor of a facility to provide a safe environment for people to undertake the service which they are offering. If the party offering the duty of care failed in their duty, you could be entitled to take legal action. 

Trainers are not responsible for any existing injuries the claimant may already have. They do, however, still owe a duty of care not to cause further injury through their own negligence or recklessness. If the accident took place in the course of the trainer’s employment and it can be proven that they breached their duty of care, then you could be entitled to compensation.

Take a look at our guide to making a personal injury claim following gym accidents for more information. 

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