I work in a bar over Christmas and the music is really loud - what can I do?

I work in a bar over Christmas and the music is really loud - what can I do?

Loud music can do great significant damage to your hearing and you may be at risk if you work in a pub or club where the noise level is very high.


Those who work as musicians, DJ’s, bar staff and security staff are most at risk. Where noise causes damage to your hearing, this is known as or noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). The level of NHL you may experience will depend on how loud the noise that you are exposed to is, and for how long you are exposed to the noise.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 cover the music and entertainment industries - including pubs, restaurants, and clubs where live or recorded music is played. These regulations came into force in 2008; however many employees still do not meet the standards outlined in the regulations.

If your employer is in this category you may wish to speak to them about the level of noise in your workplace or ask that they provide you with safety equipment such as earplugs. As a general rule, if your workplace is so noisy that you find it difficult to communicate with someone two meters away, this level of noise is likely to damage your hearing.

The Sound Advice website has some great information and guidance on the control of noise at work in the entertainment industries and the RNID’s ‘Don’t Lose the Music’ campaign provides excellent information for those working in pubs and clubs on how to protect your hearing.

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